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​Bouncy Castle & Inflatable Safety

We have provided a little Bouncy Castle and Inflatable Safety section as we are trying to raise a little awareness about basic Inflatable safety as the public are not well educated when it comes to Bouncy Castles and Inflatables. There are some well established and safety conscience companies out there but there is also companies that think of the profit before safety of their customers or children.

Some Basic Bouncy Castle and Inflatable Safety.

  • Pegs must not show out of the ground more than 25mm.
  • Inflatables must be switched off in the event of rain.
  • Inflatables must not be used in winds of 24 MPH or over (including Gusting winds).
  • Setting up outdoors on a solid surface requires the equivalent of about 167kg or 7 Sandbags of weight per anchor point.
  • On a solid surface an adequate amount of mats should also be provided and covering half of the front step is not enough.
  • Entrance/Exit steps should be well away from walls or any object that may compromise safety of anyone using the equipment.

REPUTABLE companies do not charge extra for mats, pegs or sandbags.

BEWARE: There are some companies who will put Bouncy Castles out on a solid surfaces with only 25kg of weight per anchor point but we are not willing to compromise the safety and well-being of any of our customers or children.

Please see below is a small cartoon for some basic Bouncy Castle and Inflatable Safety.

For more info please view our Facts and Questions section FAQs